How It Works

  1. For every commission piece, I require a written and detailed statement of your design. This may include reference photos, my previous works, which you can find here, or any other photos you think are relevant and will help me get a good understanding of what you would like. If it is a custom tattoo piece, please indicate body placement and size as well. If you would like a print of your design, please indicate paper size. I will then go over your initial statement with you to make sure I fully understand your request.
  2. After you send me your detailed information and I agree to do your commissioned piece, we will discuss payment. Please be aware that I require a 50% deposit minimum to secure your booking.
  3. To make sure you are completely happy with your art, you will first be provided a rough sketch of the design. I understand the first designs may need some tweaking so the first two revisions are free of charge for the sketch and then two revisions for the final works. Anything more than that will be charged based on the type of tweaking.
  4. Once you are completely satisfied, you will then have to pay the remaining fee upon completion in order to receive your final design.
  5. Enjoy!

What You Need To Know

  • I am happy to do any art style for you but please be mindful of my specialty for blackwork.
  • Prices vary per piece and will be quoted on an individual basis.
  • Bookings are only refundable if canceled within 24 hours of payment. Anything after that will only be entitled to a 50% refund and can be rescheduled for a more convenient time.
  • Please understand that timescales vary for each commissioned piece on the level of detail involved. Estimated timescales, that align with my calendar, will always be provided. If your deadline is urgent, please let me know at the time of booking.
  • All design copyright belongs to me, the artist. If you would like artwork for your own personal brand, there will be an additional fee for the copyright release. The price depends on the piece.
  • I reserve the right to cancel any verbal or written contract made for commissioned work at any time. In the very rare event where I cannot complete a piece, I will refund the full amount.

If these terms are all suitable for you, you can email me below.

As always, thank you for checking out my work x